C A M P B E L L   S O U P   C O M P A N Y  -  C A F E   7 0

After the completion of a newly renovated section of Campbell Soup’s IT building, the existing cafeteria looked dated.  With worn finishes, low ceilings, and no natural light, the cafeteria was not an inviting place to eat lunch or hold casual meetings.  In collaboration with the project architect, engineers, and client, I developed a plan that divided the space into a variety of areas for staff to meet and work.  A high counter along the far wall provides space for employees to work on their laptops while low tables allow for group meetings over lunch.  To create separation between the kitchen and seating areas, we enclosed the vending machines, introduced a tile floor, and lowered the ceiling in the kitchen.  An island also serves as a space for staff to meet while providing another separation between the kitchen and seating areas.  Taking cues from the recent office renovation, I chose a neutral palette of gray, white, and natural cherry to offset pops of bright yellow.  The introduction of a curved yellow ceiling and new accent lighting brings a clean, modern playfulness to the space.  A series of Velux light tunnels (with a diffuser to disperse the light) above the counter brings much needed natural light into the space.