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A campus conference center for a Philadelphia based Fortune 500 Company had a large cafeteria that did not appropriately accommodate visitor’s who wanted to buy a quick cup of coffee or sandwich and head to their meeting.  The client decided to carve a small cafe out of their existing cafeteria to provide their visitor’s and employee’s with the opportunity for a quick bite and a chance to hold impromptu meetings in a lounge setting.  As Senior Designer, I coordinated the equipment and millwork placement, selected task and accent lighting to enhance the bar and check out areas, developed finishes to accent the millwork and existing finishes, and documented the job for construction.  In addition, I worked with the client and signage vendors to develop new back-lit glass signage system that advertised the new cafe incorporating the clean lines and glass of the large two story atrium adjacent to the cafeteria. The signage system was designed to draw employees and visitors into the cafe - fitting seamlessly in to the existing building aesthetic.