H A V E R F O R D   C O L L E G E  -  B O O K S T O R E   R E N O V A T I O N

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On the heels of a re-evaluation of  sales in the college bookstore, Haverford College realized they needed to renovate the store to adjust for the decrease in literature book sales and focus on the expanding insignia and groceries sales.  In addition, they needed suggestions on how to layout their storage area to encourage efficiency in space and restocking.  In the role of Senior Designer, I worked with bookstore employees to evaluate the spatial needs for each department and the appropriate retail fixtures needed for the different merchandise.  Using existing and new fixtures, I laid out the store to place emphasis on the insignia products and incorporated a new slat wall system to expand the grocery and toiletry merchandise.  Additionally, we focused our attention on replacing the existing carpet and continuing the tile floor from the lobby into the bookstore to tie the two spaces together.  The new tile floor provided a surface that could stand up to wear and tear of the traffic at the front of the store.  Along with carpet selection, specification of new lighting systems brightened the store and made the shopping experience more appealing and attractive to students and visitors.