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A Hot Box Studio based in Delaware wanted to expand their business into nearby Pennsylvania. As the Senior Designer, I worked with the client, project architect, and engineers to create a plan that addressed the various insulation and material challenges that came with maintaining a hot box yoga environment. Additionally, the new space, while much more compact than their original home in Delaware, was expected to generate more traffic. I developed a plan that focused on the customer's experience as they moved through the space.  The idea was to encourage efficiency in planning and allow for an intimate reception and retail experiences before entering the yoga studios.  During the selection of finishes, elevation/millwork development, and retail layout, I was asked to build off of the original aesthetics of the flagship space - influenced by the owner's travels to Thailand. Using that as my guide, I focused on developing a modern streamlined approach to their aesthetic while reflecting the warmth and intimacy created in their yoga community through the selection of the final finishes.