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artist statement

Whether bold or delicate in design, my work reflects a curiosity in the play between texture, color, and form.

My formal education and professional experience in Interior Architecture and Design has inspired a deep appreciation for simplicity in line and form and its ability to make a visual impact.  With this appreciation and a lifelong interest in handcrafted objects, I seek to create pieces that are graphic yet invoke the sense of touch, of the hand, through the use of metal, fiber, and bead work.

My intention is to make jewelry for the individual -- jewelry with a graphic and playful approach that surprises and makes a statement in its aesthetic.

Likewise, this exploration of line and form crosses into my works on paper.  I find myself drawn to the supple nature of charcoal and its ability to render texture and impact simultaneously.  It too, allows the viewer to identify with the artist’s hand creating an intimacy between viewer, artist, and subject.  My work in charcoal led me to the compelling and unpredictable ways in which it interacts with other mediums, such as gouache.  These interactions allow me to explore the exchange between texture, color, and form in my works on paper.