M O O R E   C O L L E G E   O F   A R T  +  D E S I G N   -   M E D I A   L A B

Located in a maze of mechanical and electrical rooms in the basement of Moore College of Art & Design’s main building, the existing computer lab was isolated and not sufficiently secure for students working late at night and the equipment housed in the labs.  Additionally, the inefficient use of the space meant less classroom capacity with the community plotting and printing equipment located within classrooms.  Working with the Dean of the college and the facilities director, I created a suite of classrooms with separate secure rooms for the printers/plotters and the IT department and school servers.  This new layout allowed for one new classroom and a new designated space in the hallway to allow for smaller critiques outside of the classroom.  The separate plotter and printer room gave all of the classrooms access to the equipment at one time and facilitated easy access by IT staff without having to interrupt classes in progress.