p e n n s y l v a n i a  g u i l d  o f  c r a f t s m e n  -  2 0 1 5  s h o w s


I am incredibly excited and honored to announce that I have been selected as an Emerging Artist by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen for 2015!  I will be participating in three of their fine craft shows this year.  Please visit my Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with new announcements!  

Rittenhouse Square Fine Craft Show                      
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA
11 - 7 pm    Friday, May 8 + Saturday, May 9
11 - 5 pm    Sunday, May 10                              

2nd Annual MakersFest
300 Block of N. Queen Street
Lancaster, PA
10 - 4 pm    Sunday, June 14                              

PGC Fine Craft Show
Lancaster Convention Center
Lancaster, PA
10 - 6 pm    Saturday, November 14                   
10 - 5 pm    Sunday, November 15