My work is colorful, textured, and sometimes very large.  I am very attracted to contrast.  I like to push the balance of what people expect in jewelry.  I like making things that are a riot of color and texture and unexpected material combinations.

I believe that, at our best, our choices in art, jewelry, clothing are expressions of who we are, aspirations of who we’d like to be.

What I hope when a customer buys a piece of mine is: that it makes you feel strong and happy in your own skin.  That it makes you smile and brings you a bit of joy when you wear it.  That it helps you to express a part of yourself that isn’t so apparent to others or easy to express.  That the rules you’ve created for yourself fall away a little when you wear it.

Creating something handmade is so personal.  I like to think that I am passing along a certain energy to those who wear my jewelry.  In turn, you will shape it into something for yourself, for your life.  It’s a lofty goal for a small item, perhaps – but a vital one, one that affirms what makes us human: the power to recreate ourselves.